These products are made from lean cuts of meat or from fat isolated meat. From best-selected raw materials for the appropriate nutrition / 100% natural / valuable source of protein / digestible / Gluten free / gently dried / without preservatives. DeliBest Light snacks providing employment and chewing pleasure. The masticatory muscles and the dentition are trained. They are used for dental care and provide an ideal supplement to daily feeding.

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This is an example package in our own brand DeliBest. In the assortment list are even more items which are not seen here on those pictures.

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Selected DeliBest Natura chew articles are refined with a hint of malt. These are marked on the assortment list with the premium quality "gourmet".

Why malt in the pet food?

Thanks to the refinement with malt, this chew is particularly rich in nutrients. In malt are more than 60 nutrients included. Also malt contains long chain carbohydrates which makes the body glucose longer available. In addition, the products having a malt coat for a high acceptance. Also it supports an optimal digestion.

Characteristics of malt in pet food

  • rich in nutrients, particularly vitamins B.- carrier substance for sensitive & volatile material such as flavorings, vitamins or spices
  • consists of more than 60 natural substances - more than 40 of them are bio nutrients which are decisive for the high nutritional value
  • free from lactose, sucrose, fructose and gluten
  • without fat
  • contains long chain carbohydrates which makes the body glucose longer available

Effect of malt in the pet food to dogs

  • Especially vitamin B1 for blood formation, improvement of blood circulation, formation of gastric acidity, improve function of the nervous system
  • Vitamin B2 for eyes, nerves against stress
  • Vitamin B3 for metabolism, healthy skin, nervous system, muscle regenerati on
  • Contains magnesium for fat burning
  • by slow blood glucose level rise, is distributed only as much insulin as needed
  • less water influx in the small intestine and thus better tolerated
  • promotes the release of insulin, insulin, as a transport hormone promoted by creatine, amino acids are faster in the muscle cells
  • enhanced enzymes for protein degradation
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